Je viens de l'étranger étudier à l'Ecole de Droit (exchange students)

UCA’s Ecole de Droit (School of Law) offers a wide range of courses for all incoming students, both in French and in English.
To learn more about courses for the 1st and 2nd semester : The classes at the Law School

All exchange program students will be require to sign a Learning Agreement (LA). This contract between the student, the home university and the host university will state any courses the student wishes to follow. The LA can be modified within one month after your arrival with approval of first our Bureau des relations internationales (International Relations Office) and then your home university.

At the end of the semester or the academic year, students will be given a Transcript of Records, which they can present to their original school.

The grading system at the Law School in based on tests worth twenty points.
For more info : UCA grading system

Resit exams are available student whose overall grade is lower than ten. The higher grade between the original exam and the resit exam will be incorporated in their final score.